STYLE ADVICE: Classy From Day to Night

With spring quickly approaching, it means that you can exchange that heavy and bulky winter jacket for something lighter. In weather like this, a simple spring coat will do. This Fashionisto paired a navy coat with a white button-down collared shirt, a gray hoodie, and cargo pants. The color scheme may seem very bleak and a tad bit sad (navy and gray seem to be a very sad colors, apparently), but it’s actually very calming on the eyes. This is a great outfit that can double as a day or night outfit. You look sophisticated and stylish while attending classes in the morning, and comfortable and classy while attending dinner with friends.

This Fashionisto also sported a stylish tan/rose gold backpack from the company that created the Original LD West wallet and cell phone holster. The LD West backpack, which is made of all vegan pebble leather, is full of surprises. The best surprise, by far, is the secret pocket. This Fashionisto pointed out that the backpack not only has a spacious pocket in the front to keep items that need to be readily accessible, but also has a secret compartment (location will be kept hidden) to hide more valuable items, like car keys and a passport (if you decide to take this bag with you on an adventure). The bag screams sophistication and simplicity. Many people overlook what a backpack can do. Though it’s just a simple accessory, it acts as a perfect addition to any outfit for whatever outing you’re at.

Another essential for university life is a laptop case. We carry our laptops around with us on campus and we always run the risk of dropping them or smacking them against something. This Fashionisto kept one of his most important and needed possessions in a wanderlust themed laptop sleeve. To the naked eye, it may not look like it’s a very protective case. But, surprisingly, it’s super padded and adds a lot of protection. There is also a pocket in the front for you to hold whatever your heart desires, from USBs to chargers. to even loose papers from a class or lecture that you attended and were just too lazy to put them in binder.

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