STYLE ADVICE: Color in Theory

How did this Fashionisto attain such a timeless yet distinct look? The key components are from his color and texture choices. Color-blocking is always a stylish way to compose an outfit, as perfectly exemplified by this chic Fashionisto. He chose to primarily combine a deep red, black, and grey, with a contrasting white accent in his shoes. One suggestion to amplify your look is to add depth to the ensemble through the mixing of textures. The Fashionisto I photographed did this by layering a velvet blazer over his red polo and pairing with grey printed jeans. He elevated the look even further by accessorizing with an intriguing set of metal jewelry. The gold collar necklace and silver chunky rings are focal points, texturizing the outfit even more. Lastly, the bowling-inspired, color-blocked shoes tie all of the garments together in a very unique and fun way. The whole combination is inventive and visually intriguing.

You could achieve a similar effect by also choosing a monochromatic color scheme with a pop of color. If you wanted to take more risks with color, you could always take a brighter approach and use a triadic or complementary color combo. This may sound complicated to some, but it is actually so easy! Just take a color wheel and look for colors across from each other that form a triangle. All of a sudden you have a triadic palette to use for inspiration. Complementary colors are even simpler, you just look for ones that are directly opposite each other on the wheel. These are just a couple more tips that can make color blocking with clothing more fun and spontaneous! With spring well underway, and summer fast approaching, try taking some chances with bolder hues when mixing your colorful outfits. These months can be the best for being risky with loud hues.

Hopefully you are now feeling inspired to glance inside your closet and infuse a little bit of color theory into your next look! And, of course, don’t forget your accessories!

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