STYLE ADVICE: Comfortably Cute

Ahhh, my first morning back in my dorm sweet dorm. Winter break has been awesome, but it’s time to get back in the groove of my everyday college life which goes something like this: sleep, coffee, study, have fun, repeat. This morning was unlike any typical morning in the sunny state of Florida. I rolled over on my small twin bed, checked my weather app on my iPhone and was taken back when I saw the cruel, cold weather. Gross.

As a Floridian, I cringe at the thought of any temperature that drops less than 70 degrees. Why else would any Floridian live here? We love to lounge back at the beach in our bikini and sip on our ice cold lemonade. Today was different. My weather app told me that the high of today was 48 degrees, yikes. I and many others were not prepared for this frigid weather that forces us to wear layers of clothes. My only thought was, “How can I create a fashionable, yet warm and comfortable outfit today?” While I struggled with this dilemma, I spotted some Fashionistas that totally nailed the look. From past experiences of being stiff and restricted all day, my style advice of the week is to keep comfort in mind when choosing an outfit.

This particular Fashionista is always catching people’s eye around campus. After chatting with her for awhile about her style, she let me know that she always makes sure she is comfortable when she leaves the house so she is not miserable all day. What is worse than being cold? Being uncomfortable and cold.

Now that class is back in session, I have the ongoing struggle of not wanting to wear pants. Luckily, you can easily throw on a pair of cotton leggings with booties to avoid that uncomfortable feeling in class. I am big on snug material, too, so when I talked to this Fashionista about her peacoat, I was totally obsessed when I felt the stretchy material! The next time you are struggling trying to look cute in a winter outfit, take my style advice and keep comfort in mind!

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