STYLE ADVICE: Crushin’ on Camo

With so many different trends coming from all directions, it’s difficult to choose what direction to go in. How do you not feel defeated when walking into a store? Being strategic about combining the right trends is the most important part. This Fashionista nailed it by combining a camouflage jacket, a choker, and a dark lip for a killer look.

A bold and dramatic pattern such as camouflage may seem hard to work with, but by keeping it relatively simple, it lets the pattern stand out and be the one statement item of the outfit. The camouflage jacket is that statement item, and gives style and warmth, so it’s perfectly practical. This jacket is also versatile, because it’s appropriate to wear indoors or outdoors, which is the key to staying comfortable when running errands or going from building to building for classes.

Since the trendy camouflage jacket was the main piece of the outfit, this Fashionista kept the rest simple by pairing it with simple black leggings and a soft black long-sleeve T-shirt for the ultimate style and warmth combination.

To accessorize, she added a layered choker and a gold script necklace. The bow adds a touch of femininity to contrast the masculine and military feel of the jacket, and her delicate, horoscope sign necklace gives a personal touch. Her dark, vampy lip is the cherry on top, and makes her makeup stand out along with her outfit.

Overall, camo, chokers, and dark lips are some of the hottest trends, so why not combine them all into one amazing outfit all while keeping warm against the harsh Wisconsin winter? It may seem overwhelming, but combined, they harmonize beautifully. Taking risks is what makes fashion fun!

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