STYLE ADVICE: Fur-alicious

Our sparkly white runway is finally melting into green. Unfortunately, it is still not warm enough to completely shed our layers, leaving Fashionistas with the constant debate on whether or not to wear a coat.

My favorite saying tells us, “Forget the rules: if you like it, wear it.” However, I do have one rule for the spring season that answers the coat debate: wear layers! As the summer sun plays hide and seek with us, temperatures jump throughout the day. The key to this game is to have your outfit consist of light layers that can be put on and taken off, without ruining your look.

This Fashionista kills the game and does so with my favorite trend of the season: fur. She creates her look by pairing trendy pieces together and layering up to stay warm. Distressed black jeans are a perfect item to have in your wardrobe. The edgy pants can be worn in nearly every season and can be thrown on for both casual or dressed up looks. This Fashionista styled them with a classic pair of booties and simple black top. To break up the pieces, she added a belt and tied the look together with a chunky purse.

An all-black outfit is classic; however, as spring fills our runway with color, it is fun to do the same to our wardrobe. This Fashionista spiced up her look by contrasting the black pieces with a light pink fur jacket, a perfect color combination for transitioning into spring. The jacket gave the Fashionista a trendy layer to stay warm and took the look from simple to bold.

Wild and unpredictable weather definitely makes spring the trickiest season to dress for. The weather app can advise you on what to wear, but in my opinion, if you fill your spring with layers, fur, and pops of color, you’ll be set!

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