STYLE ADVICE: Jump Into Jumpsuits

Coat, sweater, jeans, and ankle boots. Sound familiar? During the winter season, almost all of Fashionistas turn to this formula for survival. I often find myself turning to this formula at least 95 percent of the time, but, it can get a little repetitive.

It’s easy to get into a styling rut when it’s too cold to function outside, but there are so many stylish alternatives to just sweaters and jeans. Jumpsuits are known for their versatility and style. They’re the piece that everyone from bloggers to magazine editors to celebrities look to when they’re in need of a comfortable and stylish look. Think of them as a blank canvas: You can add on anything and everything to replicate your style and show the world who you are.

This Fashionista turned to an army green jumpsuit to break the mold and show off her true style. She accessorized with stacked bracelets to contrast from the boyish look of the jumpsuit, adding a feminine touch. Rather than pulling on some booties or flats, this Fashionista opted for a classic: Converse. These sneakers go with virtually everything and add a playful touch to her look, not to mention how cool it looks with a classic friendship bracelet around her ankle. But a bandana would also look super chic.

College Fashionista’s mood board for March mentions breaking out of your comfort zone, which can often lead to some pretty great things. If you’re stuck in a style rut but want to keep warm, try something new. Find a cool jumpsuit and style accordingly. Mix and match different accessories,  put on something unexpected and who knows! You could find yourself wearing a new and improved winter formula.

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