STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: 1950s Meets 2013

One of the main reasons we all love fashion is because it gives us the ability it gives us to express ourselves through what we are wearing. Whenever we chose our outfit for the day, it reflects our mood and how we want others to perceive us. We all want to be the one person whose outfit stands out with expression.

When we think of the 1950s fashion era, one of the first things to come to mind is Grease. The movie is filled with poodle skirts, big belts, high-waisted pants and collared shirts, many of which remain popular looks today. The ’50s was when young women began to rebel through fashion and express themselves differently from their parents’ modest clothing to more formfitting garments.

In 2013, many of these trends are still beloved. This Fashionista captured the vibe, but took a modern interpretation of the ’50s style. Instead of a thick belt, she lined her high-waisted pants with a skinny patterned belt. She showed off her waist, while still keeping it feminine and classy. The collared top shows off her tattoo and gives that 1950s slogan, “We Can Do It,” a run for its money. To keep the ensemble modern, she added bold silver jewelry.

Don’t be afraid to exude your best 1950s style. Try these high-waisted skinny jeans and pair it with any collared or button-up top. This American Apparel blouse will give you a clean-cut outfit. For something a little different, try tucking in this top, and don’t forget the belt! Add some fun jewelry and TA-DA, look accomplished.

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