There is just something about the ’90s that is so close to my heart. There was Clueless, jelly shoes, overalls and Lisa Frank, all of which played a big part in my youth as a Fashionista-in-training. Within the last few seasons, ’90s style has had a bit of a revival thanks to the re-emergence of trends that peaked in that decade including, high-waisted denim, Dr. Martens and the most surprising (and most recent) comeback, overalls.

To me, this Fashionista’s look is the essence of the ’90s from head-to-toe. Starting at the top with her blunt bangs and oversized black-denim jacket, and working down to her powder blue corduroy skater-skirt and classic black Dr. Martens. With this look, she would surely blend right into a scene of Full House.

While everyone has those specific ’90s trend that bring back bad memories of their childhood, (mine is overalls, they were never long enough and always rode-up in the wrong places) I must say, I am simply ecstatic about the revival of the ’90s when it comes to fashion.

To get a look similar to this Fashionista’s, start by reminiscing about your favorite trend from the ’90s. As long as it doesn’t involve scrunchies (I pray to the fashion gods those never come back in trend) you are bound to be able to put together an outfit that is just as trendy today as it was in junior high. Some of my favorite ’90s looks to rock today include flannels tied around the waist, distressed black denim and platform sandals.

And when in doubt, always turn to the number one ’90s Fashionista, Cher from Clueless. While not all of us have the luxury of picking out our outfits via computer database each morning, each of us can relate to Cher’s love of everything ’90s fashion.

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