If there’s one mantra every Fashionista should keep close to her heart, it’s that great shoes make the outfit. After all, if Cinderella didn’t go back for hers, she wouldn’t have become a princess!

Like an eye-catching lipstick or wearing matching underwear (just me?), there’s something about wearing a killer pair of kicks that has the power to make a day pan out perfectly.

But when you think “killer pair of kicks,” you probably wouldn’t imagine a pair of lace-up leather shoes. Just the words, “lace-up leather shoes” probably make you think of boring old school shoes. But take one look at this Fashionista’s rad shoes and I bet you, “boring” won’t even cross your mind!

First up, I absolutely adore their cork print finish; I’ve never seen a pair of leather shoes like hers before. They instantly make you want to take a closer look. Plus, I bet they’d be super comfy. Even though they give this Fashionista height thanks to the thick sole, they would still be easy to walk in, as they’re flat.

This Fashionista told me she had been deliberating about whether or not to purchase the pair but was super happy that she ended up popping them in her shopping cart. As am I, because I got to see them!

If you love this Fashionista’s shoes as much as I do, you can find this pair on ASOS. Or, if you’re after something along these lines but a little different, there are heaps of shoe styles out now that have an unusual finish to them like this Fashionista’s pair. Two types I love for winter are super shiny holographic heels that would catch the light gorgeously at a party, or on-trend jelly sandals which are a colourful throwback to my childhood. And believe it or not, these are the one and only kind of sandals that you can get away wearing (lacy) socks with, pinky-promise!

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