Get dressed during exam week is a challenge; we all know it’s true. For some inexplicable reason, when exams are on the horizon it feels immensely difficult to create an outfit with any personal style in the morning. Nike shorts begin to look cute, over-sized T-shirts begin to feel stylish and those unfortunate mid-calf athletic socks begin to feel glued to your un-pedicured toes. It’s an epidemic, and we must conquer it. Everyone knows that the day feels better when you are rocking an adorable outfit, so get out of those yoga pants, dig into your closet for something with a zipper and approach your exams full of confidence!

The keys to acing test-day fashion are simplicity and comfort without sacrificing style (see above if you think this motto okays multiple days of Nike shorts and T-shirts… it doesn’t). The ideal exam outfit allows ample opportunity for layering (ensuring that you can comfortably alter your coverage when unpredictable classroom temperatures throw you for a loop), contains a maximum of three pieces (your arms will regret loading up on extra accessories the minute your pencil hits the exam booklet) and is built around primarily cotton basics (easy to clean, easy to wear, easy to everything).

This Fashionista gets an A+ for style, rocking a striped sundress, cropped denim jacket and strappy white sandals to her first round of finals. This effortless dress/jacket combo lives comfortably within the realm of easy layering; promising to keep our Fashionista cozy in chilly exam rooms all the while granting her the freedom to enjoy sunshine and warm temps afterwards. She keeps her look to three simple pieces (dress, jacket and sandals) but her selections of a printed dress, textured jacket and metallic sandals radiate a cool, laid back aesthetic. Her cute cotton sundress will sit comfortably in a desk chair and promises fuss-free essay writing and number crunching. Keep calm and exam on Fashionistas, we can do this!

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