The torrential flash storms that are far too common during the summer months can quickly bring a Fashionista down. Sometimes, trying to counteract the gloomy weather with fun, bright clothing in clashing colors and prints is just not the path to take. There is no shame in dressing in hues that match the colors of cloudy skies, but there is some in giving in to the downer weather. Rebel against the rain with style, but just go neutral while doing so.

The neutral colors are often the easiest to style, so effortless dressing-up can be checked off your to-do list. Look to this Fashionista for inspiration. The white T-shirt that she wears with the text printed across it is the perfect top for her casual, rainy-day look. Not only is it white and going along with the neutral theme, but it is also quite comfortable so that she does not have to fuss about when the storm clouds roll in. She paired her shirt with some skinny denim in a gray wash, adding a somewhat gradient effect to the entire outfit. This Fashionista has proven that steering away from the punchy prints and bright tones can really make a difference.

However, it is always great to add an extra kick via an accessory to keep the look from seeming too drab. This Fashionista went with an eye-popping, cobalt shoulder bag. Aside from her subtly metallic sandals, the Fashionista let the bag be the only colored piece in her ensemble, going for a clear bubble umbrella. She realized that sometimes, being too loud through clothing can be jarring, but adding one bright item to an otherwise neutral look can really bring some balance to the entire outfit.

If you are interested in trying out some neutrals this summer, you should first pick a specific color family to work with; you can choose from the browns, the creams or whites, the grays or just plain black. If you want to replicate this Fashionista’s look and go with an almost ombré effect, pick out a simple, white T-shirt with no outside colors on it. Look for one with  text that you like, or go for a graphic print. Next, pull on some gray-wash denim. Then, find a large carry-all in a bright color and sling it over your shoulder. Don’t forget an umbrella if it’s a rainy day. And there you have it-an easy, neutral, far from boring look.


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