STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Around the World In Style

This week’s Fashionista is certainly loyal to her brands. A fashion and travel blogger herself, her fun flirty style definitely caught my eye on a gloomy Florence afternoon. Her blog, History In High Heels, is dedicated to fashion, travel and lifestyle tips. Travelling abroad and being fashionable can sometimes be a delicate balance, whether you’re stumbling on the cobblestone in Florence or dodging the summer showers that come and go as they please. But as Fashionistas, we are fashionable year-round, in rain or shine. For the perfect look for every location, make sure to check out this Fashionista’s blog.

As you know, my favorite fashion tool is a focal point. This Fashionista used the distinct pattern from her skirt as the focal point, then kept the other pieces toned down to hone in on the skirt. My favorite added touch on this outfit was the Furla bag, which also added a muted pop of color with a tea rose pink. The navy blue and floral is also a great combo for the weather and season. Keeping it classy and chic, she stuck to one of her favorite brands with head to toe J.Crew.

Want to re-create this look? Pair a patterned skirt with a simple blouse using one of the colors from the skirt, like this Fashionista did. Another one of my favorite tricks is to pair a slim fitting bodycon skirt with a looser fitting top. This adds dimension and can also reframe your body if you choose. To add another focal point, use a bold necklace with similar colors. For tackling the cobblestones of Florence, this Fashionista has a quaint pair of brown leather sandals, which are a great find in the country famous for its genuine leather!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Traveling with style is not nearly as much work as people think it is. It is surprisingly simple to look put together, fashionable and still be comfortable while exploring a new destination.”

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