Sometimes in the sluggish summer months, it gets easy to fall into a rut. Not just in your schedule (beach day after beach day? Internship 9-5?) but in how you dress as well. I tend to fall into a color rut and stick with black and white. You can throw them on and look pulled together without much thought. But what fun is a rut? Summer is all about having a bit of fun and trying something new. Mixing bold colors might take a bit of extra effort in the morning, but with a bit of thought, well-paired colors can look as elegant as black and white.

This Fashionista picked a gutsy color combination: pink and blue. The bold colors are most visible in her solid top and bubble-gum bright wristlet. To keep her look from being overwhelmingly bright, however, she repeats the two brights in the delicate pattern on her paper bag shorts. The result is a fun twist on a girly summer look. Would it look pulled together in black and white? Yes… but the color makes it unique and memorable. Color is quintessentially summer, and amping it up in any of your looks will set you apart.

To add summer brights into your wardrobe, do what this Fashionista did; find a piece with an interesting, colorful print, then match your bolds to that print. The solid items will stop your outfit from being too ‘busy’, while the pattern will make it more refined. Bright-on-bright might be fine for elementary school, but at the college level — we can handle a print or two! If you think you’re on the 500 level class, try mixing prints in the same color scheme. For beginners, try a printed romper with solid accessories, such as flats and a belt. For night, try mixing your bold colors in one dress and match it with brightly colored heels and a bold jacket. If you need to ease into the trend before jumping in, a printed bag or wedge can be a small way to start…we all need an intro course sometimes!

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