What better place to visit during the summer months than the beach, right? The beach is a place to kick back and get some downtime before it’s officially back to the books. Many may think that the only attire appropriate for the beach is swimwear. Well, think again. Get creative for summer 2013 and spice up your beachy ensembles. Instead of the typical swimsuits, look into actual beachwear outfits. Nothing is better than staying cool and fashionable while walking the boardwalk. During my visit to a nearby beach I ran into a Fashionista that perfectly recreated the expectation of beachwear.

The Fashionista sported a lovely tan skirt with a black and white cropped top. She accessorized with a pair of sunglasses and sneakers to achieve more of a street wear look. The beach is a place where a Fashionista should be able to express her personal style and stand out from the cluster of swimsuits. Swimsuits are certainly a must for relaxing along the tides, but don’t forget to shine in your interpretation of beachwear while strolling down the strip.

When visiting the beach, you are sure to come across the common flips flops, swimsuits and everything else that screams beachwear. I advise you to embody the swimsuit/beach look in your street wear style. This Fashionista’s ensemble is ideal for going to the beach because skirts are perfect for the breezy weather and cropped tops equate to the cut of a bikini top. Stand out from the rest in your recreation of beachwear. Soak up the sun and boogie board down to the beach in style for summer 2013.

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