When you’re tired of the same old jeans and T-shirt ensemble, try switching the T-shirt out for a colorful blouse. Having a few sheer blouses on hand is imperative for the muggy heat of the summer. The light fabric will make those humid days slightly more bearable, and you’ll look like a true Fashionista while beating the heat.

This week’s Fashionista is sporting her favorite pair of skinny jeans and a lightweight floral blouse, which is just one of the many ways that a blouse like this can be styled. Such a colorful top would be paired nicely with white jeans, tucked into high-waisted shorts or even with a skirt.

This gorgeous white and blue blouse from Anthropologie is very unique. You are guaranteed to make a statement if you choose this alternative. This particular top would be perfect with a pair of skinny jeans, like this Fashionista is wearing, or a dark pair of khakis. If, however, you prefer a blouse in a solid color, this deep red embroidered shirt from Urban Outfitters might be more what you’re looking for. Regardless of which blouse is more suited to your personal style, any selection will be sure to be fashion-forward once you put your own spin on it.

Blouses create a polished, feminine look in a truly effortless manner. Whether you are heading out for a busy day of errands or a summertime barbecue, a blouse is appropriate for any outing. Choose your favorite blouse to ride out the heat wave like a true Fashionista!

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