Whether you want to relive the ’60s, show off a freshly toned body or wear those stunning new shoes, bellbottom jeans are most definitely the way to go. They can come in any fabric––jean, cargo and even cotton for a dressier look––but one thing is for sure, bellbottoms are still hot even after all these years. You can pair them with anything as well as dress them up or down. So put down the skinnies, grab a pair at J Brand and join the retro revolution!

If you want to be as cool as this blonde babe, make sure you consider your figure. Tall women can get away with largely flared jeans while shorter girls should opt for a wide leg but not too flared so you don’t look like you’re swimming in them. For this style heels are most definitely a must if you want to elongate your figure but if you’re looking for a grungier feel then try these adorable Dr. Seuss Converse sneakers.

While the style can be slimming make sure to choose them in a darker hue––dark blue, brown or black––with a longer bell rather than larger. I would recommend staying away from prints or loud colors since the style itself should be the main focus.

You can wear flared jeans with any kind of shirt and or sweater. Depending on whether you want to go full fledged hippy or just a modern girl looking to go retro, you would opt for a solid colored T-shirt or a printed bell blouse and throw on a groovy beaded necklace or this adorable faux suede jacket from Chico’s and a wide belt.

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