STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Black and Blue is a Do

To me, the people that stand out the most are those who break conventional fashion rules. In my book, mixing the right color blue with black is completely acceptable. I consider wearing white after Labor Day and pairing polka dots with stripes two other obsolete fashion taboos. There is something about the deliberate clashing of styles and patterns that captures my attention.

This Fashionista did just that. She wore a blue, green and white plaid flannel (a winter staple) with a pair of shiny black leggings. Rather than looking sloppy, the blue hues in her flannel complemented the black leggings, and she nailed the look! In my opinion, leggings were the only option to wear with the flannel. The shiny element in the leggings gives her outfit an edginess that otherwise would not have accomplished with a simple pair of jeans.

By wearing her flannel unbuttoned, this Fashionista was able to show her personality with her unique accessories. A flannel is commonly worn among college women. However, this Fashionista’s outfit is unique due to her interesting jewelry such as her turquoise skull necklace. Stacking rings is also a trend that I currently love. This Fashionista did a phenomenal job adapting this trend.

This Fashionista’s white snow boots bring out the white in her white T-shirt and brighten up her outfit. It is hard to look unique while staying warm in the winter, but this Fashionista showed that being different is possible. Just make a few easy changes to your everyday wardrobe!

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