Although summer is all about relaxing and staying in the sun, sometimes, it can be one of the busiest seasons. If it’s not work or school keeping us occupied, it is the summer festivals, concerts, barbeques, shopping days or the late nights out. This calls for a single outfit that will appropriate for any occasion you find yourself in throughout the day and night.

This Fashionista was out for a day of shopping with the girls, but was ready for what the night had in store. She rocked a floral peplum dress with a fitted, navy blazer and distressed, gray combat boots. This ensemble is perfect for any day or night fun. It allows for a chic, yet laid back look.

The blazer is an ideal garment for any possible activity. In this Fashionista’s case, if she decided to hit the bar, all she needs is a pair of heels to be on her way. Most people believe showing skin is the sexiest way to go out on the town. I dare you to try something different and keep the blazer on. Your classy chic look will not disappoint.

Another great thing about the blazer is how easy it is to mimic. To achieve this Fashionista’s style, try this floral peplum from Forever 21 with this green blazer. If you already have a dark dress that you want to spice up, this floral NASTY GAL blazer will do the trick. Any way you chose to rock this fabulous jacket, you will certainly be ready for whatever the day or night might surprise you with.


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