STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bohemian Grunge Punk

Sometimes, the hardest part of figuring out what to wear is pinning down a certain style for the look. There are so many options to choose from–preppy, vintage, beachy, girly, androgynous, monochrome…and the list goes on. Since there is no rule, however, that a Fashionista must stick to just one particular style, she can always decide to piece together a few different types of looks.

Take cue from this week’s Fashionista to see how combining various styles can be done. She chose three very distinct styles but put them together in such an effortless way that she looks far from messy.  Going for the grunge vibes with the ever-classic Dr. Martens, this Fashionista kept her look rooted (literally) with a solid foundation. Branching off into more rebellious territory, she touched on the punk look with her black T-shirt. The knot at the side adds some edge and the rolled up sleeves allow some breathability.

The third style that this Fashionista showcased in her outfit is the bohemian trend. The laid-back feel of the stretchy pants and the intricate block print of the fabric give the look a touch of carefree-ness. Furthermore, her amazing geometric, fit-for-Esmeralda earrings bring everything together with their relatively rigid structure.

If you are envying the graceful way with which this Fashionista pulled off three different styles in one look, do not fret, for it can be easily done. All you need are some key articles of clothing–some loosely structured pants for an easy-going vibe, a top that is more solid and hard-core to juxtapose against the breezy piece and finally, an accessory or two with some concrete structure to wrap up the look. You do not need to go the exact same route as this Fashionista and decide on a look with pants. Any type of garment can work if you pick and choose carefully.

Try the look with various combinations of styles. Just remember to go for the unexpected (like menswear-inspired with frilly girlishness and polished prep) and new and never shy away from anything you feel has potential.


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