On my list of top ten most difficult things to do, dressing for work comes in at number five. Although it’s hard to admit, I’ve had trouble choosing clothing that is acceptable for your average 9 to 5 work day. Most clothing that gets the stamp of approval for office wear makes my skin crawl. It’s dull, ill fitting andboring. Anything colorful, unique or eye-catching gets the corporate cold shoulder. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to find the right balance between my style and business wear. Every day I have to go in to work adds ten pounds of anxiety as I fuss over my closet. While us college students are beginning our transition into the “real world”, it can be hard to let go of our youth. For Fashionistas/os, it’s extremely hard to let our job cramp our style. This week’s Fashionista shows us how to stay trendy and professional.

We always see micro mini cheetah print dresses paired with fire engine red stiletto heels. It’s practically a going-out staple. What better way to amp up your business outfit than with a familiar face? I absolutely love how our Fashionista paired the red blazer with this cheetah print top. The blazer is fitted and has a simple design but the bright red is striking. What makes the top perfect is that it isn’t overwhelming with cheetah print. The animal print is subtler and, therefore, more acceptable for work.

Pairing the shirt and blazer with basic black slacks really wraps this outfit up and gives it the final touch of professionalism. The black pants keep the focus on the top half of the outfit while simultaneously balancing out the bold print and bright color.

Next time you get dressed for work, don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from unexpected places.

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