The average temperature has been getting higher and higher as summer goes on, but that doesn’t mean we have to drop the dapper look for something more casual. Dressing for success can be attained by simply throwing on a sports coat. I found this Fashionisto sporting a blazer in the middle of the day. As we grow older, a more professional look can create a much better first impression. Although he had on darker colors, his suave ensemble beat the heat.

Starting the outfit off with a crisp, polka-dot button-down was a smart decision. His button-down wasn’t the main piece of his outfit, but it gave a great backdrop for his jacket to lie on top of. This Fashionisto went with jeans for a more casual look to go with his blazer. Jeans and blazers have a love-hate relationship because of their clash with formality. This Fashionisto’s jacket and jean combination was the perfect way to come off as a dressed-down businessman. To complete the look, loafers were called upon because of their similar clash with formality. They can come off as dressy or casual, which made them a great choice to pair with the jacket and jeans combo.

One other thing that topped off this Fashionisto’s look was his hairstyle. Keeping your hair under control is a big part of completing an outfit. Hairstyles are like accessories. They change with the season and give onlookers something else to look at when reviewing your ensemble. The euro-cut with buzzed sides and a slicked-over top has been very popular recently. If you’re thinking about switching up your hairstyle and need some ideas, check out some Fashionistos in past posts.


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