I honestly never thought I’d say this, but I’m really digging the camo trend that has been going around for awhile. Coming from someone who’d initially sworn it off for good, I was taken aback by my immediate attraction to this Fashionista’s stylish lightweight coat. While it’s true that traditional camo may not be for everyone, don’t write it off completely. If this military-inspired print has already made it to the runway, it can definitely work for the rest of us.

There’s something to be said of the modern woman who can rock a traditionally masculine style or trend; in this case, camo has always gotten a bad rap when it comes to being stylish and fashion-forward. Still, don’t limit yourself by not climbing on board with what looks to be a hot summer trend that will surely continue into fall. Pair some camo leggings with an oversized neutral tank for a casual daytime look that’s sure to keep you feeling comfortable and looking chic. Or you can go sans leggings if you’re more of a shirt dress type of girl. For those warmer summer days, my personal go-to ensemble is still a bralette crop top worn with high-waisted jeans, metallic sandals and lots of gold accessories.

I get that camo can scare a lot of us into thinking we can’t pull it off. If you’re like me and have a hard time diving right into this masculine trend, start off with more subtle clothing patterns and smaller items like printed shoes. Personally, I’m jealous of anyone who can immediately take the plunge with a daring high-low camo skirt.

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