This summer many girls are going by the saying, “Less is more,” referring to how much clothing they wear out of the house. Many girls think that you can wear little to no clothing because of the summer heat. However, I know many of you Fashionistas would never be caught dead showing too much skin. It is all about picking and choosing which pieces of clothing you wear can be a little bit more scandalous. Do follow the summer trends of showing some stomach or wearing some shorter high-waist shorts. Just please do not try to sport all the trends together. That would be a little too much skin and be far from fashionable.

This Fashionista was rocking the trend of the shorter high-waist shorts and that is what caught my attention. The shorts were a little short, but adorable nonetheless. The light wash and the distressed fabric make these the perfect pair of high-waist jean shorts. They also were made a little shorter to give them that sultry look. However, this Fashionista made the right decision and paired the shorts with a less revealing top. She chose an adorable purple tank with a crisscross in the back and a flattering square neck. This Fashionista told me the top was actually a work out top, but found it too cute to only sweat in. This is a good idea also because on those hot summer days a workout tank is the most breezy and comfortable thing to be wearing on those sweaty days. The tank tucked into the shorts was a flattering look and the purple color went well with distressed color of the shorts. She then paired the outfit with a neon pink Tory Burch bag. The bright pink and purple together were a fun summer color combination. She then topped off the look with some adorable aviator style sunglasses. This Fashionista put together the perfect summer outfit and sported many looks while doing it. She also showed off some skin, but in the right way. By showing more leg, she covered her stomach and cleavage to keep the outfit from going trashy. However, what was extraordinary about this outfit was that it was so simple, but so striking at the same time. It was the perfect cute yet casual summer look.

Many have the problem of not knowing when an outfit is no longer appropriate and fashionable. All of you Fashionistas need to set a good example. Show some skin in the trendy ways you know and love. Also know that you can make an impression this summer while keeping your outfit cute and casual. Let’s leave the job of showing a little to much skin to your tiny bikini for those sweltering beach days where it is acceptable to show off a little more skin than usual!

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