The process of choosing the right college consists of many important factors: size, academics, weather, distance and location. Many of the contrasts are stark between urban and rural campus settings or the warm weather of Southern schools verses the bitterly cold Midwest. However, as it comes to adapting to your college environment, no matter where you end up, follow this week’s Fashionista’s “city slicker” lead. She deconstructs university-typed boundaries as she intertwines city chic components with rural inspirations of cargo flare and incorporates layers in a light and effortless manner on a cool summer school day.

I spotted this Fashionista amidst a crowd of students grabbing coffee on the way to morning class. She differed from the surrounding girls sporting the standard skinny jeans and loose knit sweaters to warm up with a “cup of joe” on the early summer morning. Perhaps my favorite feature of her layered academic look was her cargo inspired skinnies in an olive green hue. This savvy dresser mastered the art of staying comfortable yet fashionable in this new summer take on a classic silhouette. The next key component of her ensemble is her white trench coat. For a light layer this summer season, throw on a white blazer or jacket to make an immediate statement on those cooler rainy days. Then, model after this week’s highlighted student and throw in pops of graphic elements or hints of urban fashion, like her knit beanie and combat boots.

Be adventurous in breaking down “typical” college categories through expressing yourself in a comprehensive and creative way.

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