After spending a few weeks working in New York City this summer, it was time to ask myself an important question: What fashion trends WON’T I find in this city?! The answer: None! New styles and fashions are everywhere you look, from cutouts to bangles to mile high wedges. This week’s Fashionista rocks a timeless yet ever-changing trend; stripes.

It’s hard to think of another pattern that is as whimsical yet sophisticated as stripes. Worn in every color and style, they are perhaps the most diverse pattern. They are extremely versatile in their widths and lengths and can be worn in every season. Stripes can also be worn to emphasize a part of the body. Horizontal stripes can create more volume in an ensemble while vertical stripes work to elongate the figure, as this week’s Fashionista illustrates. Her black and white striped pants accentuate her already long legs and create visual interest in her outfit. Paired with a bright coral blouse, she allows her striped pants to be the focus of her outfit.

There are many ways to incorporate stripes into an ensemble and speaking as a big fan of stripes, go big or go home! Check out this high-waisted American Apparel skirt patterned with many tiny stripes for a busier look. Or, go for a combination of horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes with this adorable blue and white striped dress from Urban Outfitters. However you decide to include stripes into your wardrobe this week, strut your bold look and rock those city stripes!

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