While Diane von Furstenberg is currently busy dominating the children’s fashion scene, she will forever be known for her clever use of prints as well as her invention of the perfect-on-any-body wrap dress. There is just something about Diane’s designs that have a special way of making a woman of any shape look absolutely gorgeous.

To me this Fashionista exudes everything Diane von Furstenberg hoped and dreamed fashion would be for women. Walking down the middle of campus on one of the first warm Sunday afternoons of the season, this Fashionista looked flawless and more importantly, confident. Most girls might be nervous showing their legs at a time early enough in the season when they still have yet to be exposed to much sun. This Fashionista on the other hand was smiling, with her hair blowing freely in the wind as she sat with a friend eating frozen yogurt and enjoying the beautiful weather. It seemed as though her von Furstenberg inspired wrap dress was in fact made for these sorts of causal occasions.

It is in fact the wrap dresses’ ability to bring out the best features of a woman’s figure that has cemented it as a classic piece in the fashion pantheon. The tie-at-the-waist style accentuates the smallest part of the body creating the womanly shape every female strives to achieve. However while the shape is classic, there is nothing like a pop of pattern to make a woman feel beautiful.

While you may not own a wrap dress, or have a hard time finding one in a pattern or color that suites your fancy, take a hint from this Fashionista by sticking to classically cut pieces. Whether it be a wide-leg trouser pant, a shift dress, or a pair of pumps, it is pieces like these that all Fashionsitas must learn to turn to when seasonal trends fail to impress.

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