Pairs are great. There are some pretty famous ones out there — peanut butter and jelly, Brad and Angelina and sweet and salty are a few that come to mind. One of the best pairs, and one of the greatest color combinations, is black-and-white. This past season, black-and-white made a huge splash in the fashion world. Major fashion houses, such as Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta featured this classic combo on their fall 2014 runways – and why not? It is a time-tested trend that will look fabulous now and in 20 years. It is well known that you can’t go wrong with black, and you can’t go wrong with white, so put them together and you are guaranteed a stylish ensemble that will be the envy of everyone.

This Fashionista recognized the black-and-white color trend and paired it with another fantastic style seen on the runways, stripes! The bold black-and-white horizontal stripes provide an eye-catching element to this simple comfortable sundress. This Fashionista’s slim belt accentuates her waist and gives the dress shape while also introducing other neutral colors into her outfit. The black-and-white theme extends into her accessories with a stunning vintage Coach black leather satchel and some white-hot nail polish. To finish her look, this Fashionista’s cat-eye sunglasses mirror one of the most popular shapes in shades this summer.

Luckily for all our CollegeFashionista readers, this look couldn’t be easier to recreate. Black-and-white is an extremely flexible trend and can be adapted to many wardrobes and occasions. Try a sexy cocktail dress in a black-and-white pattern with some sparkly accessories. Or, sport these statement cat-eye shades with a black-and-white striped top and comfy denim cut-offs. You can even rock black-and-white kicks with some cute printed socks if you want to try your hand at print mixing.

No matter how you wear it, black-and-white is a color combination that flatters many and is very hard to mess up. Like all great pairings, shout outs to peanut butter and chocolate and Bonnie and Clyde, black-and-white will be around for a long time. Beat the fashion-forward crowds and start sporting black-and-white now — you’ll be a trendsetter this fall!

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