One of my favorite pastimes is people watching. Now that you have been officially creeped out, hear my story. This hobby of mine has led me to College Fashionista where I am able to utilize this past time and channel it into more gratifying work. In a sea of people, I spotted this week’s Fashionista whose look is extremely surprising considering the weather we have been having recently.

What first captured my eye was of course the fact that there was little to no perspiration on her slick ponytailed forehead, whereas yours truly was drowning in beads of her own sweat. Secondly, I fell in deep, longterm love with her plaid. Going against the traditional looks of the current season can really pay off, and bringing a strong dark flannel into summer contrasts so eloquently against the light colored plaid that is seen so often. Her pants also seemed to have something about them and when I looked a bit closer I saw they had this sort of sheen to them that is reminiscent of the coated jeans seen at Bottega Veneta and Roberto Cavalli during fashion week back in February. Her black, platform boots had chunky white laces that really stood out against the black making her whole look a little more rugged and edgy. The twist to the outfit was her classic brown and blue bag with gold accents. Though it technically was a different style than the rest of her outfit it worked well because of the neutral coloring.

So now to recreate the look (because I know you’ve already been cruising Polyvore to find something similar) I have a few places where you can gather piece to put your own outfit together. You’ll want to start of course with the top, which means you’ll need a specifically darker colored plaid shirt. Its important for the entire look to be darker in color so that it stands out from the other seasonal trends.

RUN to Topshop and get yourself as many pairs of coated jeans as humanly possible. Do you know how many rockstars/Germans in the 80s would have killed for pants that look like they are leather but do not require butter or oil to slip on? And if you’ve ever really taken my advice, know that these are going to be very big this next fall so it will be worth every penny.

For boots, go ahead and throw on those Jeffery Campell platform boots you already own or if you don’t, check out these pretty sweet looking ASOS ones as an alternative. What is really awesome about these kicks is how they can be classy, yet don’t let anybody mess with you. As we know, there should be a national holiday for whoever invented the platform back in the day; it allows us to be as tall as Heidi, Tyra and Naomi while still allowing us to walk like normal people.

Finally, go to to your moms house and steal her old Chanel bag that she hasn’t pulled out of her closet for a few decades and really have fun with combining different styles. Just don’t forget to make it your own.

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