Fashionistas and Fashionistos, it’s that time of year again; that time of year when stressing about bikini season becomes socially acceptable and when surprisingly warm weather tempts us out of the classroom and onto the quad. Spring break is arguably the best school endorsed “holiday” of the year. The promise of seven full days of sun, best friends and no schoolwork? I’ll take two. However, with the great fun of a vacation comes great responsibility; this spring break I challenge all of you to leave your rubber flip flops at home and style on from the beach to the boardwalk.

Dressing for vacation stumps many a Fashionista. We have all experienced the internal struggle that comes from wanting to look relaxed, yet cute, like you didn’t try too hard on the beach (heck, J.Crew created an entire “Weekend” line devoted to solving this crisis). When jean shorts and neon tanks are the standard, we need to fight even harder to stick to our aesthetic guns and remind everyone that college students are well dressed women and men! The key to acing relaxed spring break style is playing with color and fabric. Choose basic pieces in wearable fabrics such as modal jersey that flatter the figure, travel like a dream and offer up ample opportunities to accessorize.

Fully embracing the coveted “Oh this? I just threw this perfectly adorable outfit on five minutes ago” aesthetic we all crave on vacation, she builds her look around tailored basics and punchy accessories. A simple white blouse is the foundation of her look; this vacation necessity can be dressed up or down. Mustard yellow denim comes next, an outfit focal piece that adds instant interest to an otherwise simple look and makes her stand out for all the right reasons among a sea of her dark denim-wearing peers. She finishes off this breezy look with an intricate floral scarf and a gold bow ring, ensuring that she looks adorable from breakfast to dinner.

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