STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Color-Blocking, Blocking In Color

The summertime shine makes it all the more reason to practice color-blocking! Color-blocking is when you create a look that involves of compilation of colors. Both Fashionistas and Fashionistos seem to be sporting this trend all the while doing it in their own unique way. The look can be done with any combination of colors of your choice, but be sure the colors complement each other. Certainly not difficult to accomplish, be aware that if you do not strategically select the colors, it can have the potential to go all wrong.

On my commute to downtown Philadelphia I ran into a Fashionisto whose color-blocking appeared effortless and right on trend. He pairs his navy blue pants with a lighter blue and pink long sleeved shirt. His Sperry Top-Sider shoes match perfectly with his shirt and he accessorizes with a white watch. It’s definitely not a look that comes easy for many Fashionistos, but he was able to execute the look perfectly.

If you happen to be a Fashionisto who’s not too fond of wearing flashy colors then don’t be discouraged. Just like this Fashionisto, you can accomplish color-blocking with any colors of your choice. This look can even be obtainable with neutral colors. However you decide to sport the trend, be sure to make it your own. For this week, I advise you to dive into the world of color-blocking and celebrate the summer in color. Exercise your passion for fashion and learn to love this fabulous fad!

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