As many of you can already tell, there is nothing I love more than seeing lots of color in an outfit. I am a color fiend. When I see people rock a gorgeous shade in their outfit, I am instantly drawn in. My love of color always has me gravitating towards the colorful trends of the summer. What better time to test out those color-blocking skills than in the cheery sunshine weather?

My favorite part of the color-blocking trend is the ability to wear multiple colors without looking like a hot mess. But be warned, it is not as easy as it looks. It takes a fair knowledge of the color wheel to perfect this look. This Fashionista chose her colors wisely by matching bright tangerine shorts with a candy colored mint green belt — not to mention sporting matching nails as well! Keeping the look casual and not overdone, she kept the rest of her outfit neutral to really let the contrasting colors stand out.

The key to nailing a similar look is thinking back to art class when you had to memorize the color wheel. Colors standing opposite from each other are contrasting colors and typically look great together. This Fashionista’s orange tinted shorts are about opposite from the color green, therefore complementing each other. In this case, opposites really do attract.

To snatch this Fashionista’s look, check out Madewell’s neon orange shorts. For Fashionistas looking for a beach appropriate pair of shorts, these PacSun cut-offs are great for a summer outing. To tie together your look with the perfect belt, LuLu’s mint green belt will have your color-blocking look perfected.

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