This summer I find myself swooning over prints and patterns. A good print can be undeniably flattering and hide any imperfections you may want to cover up. I’m obsessed with how patterns have the ability to express personality through a simple garment. The care-free feeling summer brings is the best time to try out different patterns and make daring decisions with your wardrobe choices.

For example, this Fashionista’s shorts are absolutely perfect for this summer. The nautical vibes put me on a boat in the middle of the water and I can’t think of any place I would rather be. Pairing these cute little shorts with an oversized flowy white top was the right decision for a wonderful contrast. I love the way she added a surprise pop of color with her neon orange accented sandals, and her simplistic accessorizing is a great way to give her shorts their time to shine.

The amazing thing about prints and patterns is that they come in all shapes and sizes. For a look similiar beachy look like this Fashionista’s, try these seahorse printed shorts for a playful feel. If you’re daring enough, try this eye-catching, kimono-inspired blue jumpsuit. On a budget? This black and white maxi dress is ideal for any occasion and the price is just right. I’ve had my eye on this jacket for a while now and it is perfect for spicing up any casual outfit. If you like to stick to solid colored garments, try out this embroidered cross-body clutch that is to die for.

It’s always fun to try out new things, so why not try new patterns? Hit up a vintage shop for some killer one-of-a-kind pieces. To be a little out of the box, mix up printed pieces that may not be traditionally paired together. Fashion is all about breaking rules and being confident in what you wear so spring for printed pieces for a fresher, bolder look.


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