The humidity and hot weather have officially hit New York City this past week and we have all been feeling the heat. When all you can think about is how hot it is outside, it can sometimes be difficult to choose your outfit when you feel like wearing as little clothes as possible. Not for this Fashionista though! She dons a perfect sundress that all of us are envious of.

It’s bright, girly and super colorful, not to mention it is perfect for keeping you cool in the summer heat. This Fashionista even demonstrates how well her circle dress flows. She pairs it with some simple leather sandals, aviators and plain jewelry. Her dress says it all though, so there is no need to accessorize with bright or eye-catching items.

To find a beautiful dress like this one, keep your eye out when thrift shopping. You never know what kind of gems may be hiding there. You could always make some DIY changes yourself as well, like cutting the bottom of the dress or adding beads or embellishments.

When looking for your sundress, make sure you choose lightweight fabric that will keep you cool when the sun is beating down. You could go with a midi length sundress— like our Fashionista here. You could go with a maxi sundress and add a hat or a boho-looking bag to fit in with the festival style of summer. You could even try a shorter sundress that bounces nicely.

The key to a cooling sundress: make sure that there aren’t too many seams and cuts that keep you constricted in the dress. It should be a simple style that effortlessly flows!


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