One thing that I love seeing now that I’m back in the USA is shorts without tights underneath them. Although I don’t wear shorts that often, I love seeing a pair of high-waist denim shorts on a Fashionista flaunting her legs in the heat. One thing that I miss about the UK Fashionistas (among many things!), however, is seeing tons of innovative ways of adding texture and patterns to otherwise simple outfits. This Fashionista, spotted at the European-style Randolph Street Market, combines the best of the two trends, and, of course, I was completely smitten.

The first things that caught my eye were her distressed shorts and belt. The wash of her the shorts is great because it complements the washed out colors of the floral leotard underneath. I also loved that she chose to wear boots with her otherwise summery outfit. I often wear boots with skirts and dresses because I find that if I’m not wearing heavy socks underneath, boots can be worn well into the spring months and on the occasional semi-cool summer day.

Right before I started shooting, she ran and grabbed her green suede fringe jacket. Half of me wanted to take as many pictures of her twirling with the fringe swirling behind her, while the other half wanted to snatch the jacket off her back and make a dash for it. For about two years now, I have been fruitlessly searching for a blue, suede fringe jacket and seeing this Fashionista rock hers, which is very similar, made me more than a little green.

Lastly, the combination of her boots, jacket and headband reminded me a little bit of Selena and the get-ups she used to wear on stage. And since I am a huge of Selena, I was delighted by the sort of Tejano-influenced outfit.

After shooting this Fashionista, I realized that my search for my blue, suede, fringe jacket is not in vain because hopefully in the near future I can rock an outfit nearly as cool as this one.

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