Lions and tigers and wolves, oh my! These predatory creatures are now worn ironically, emblazoned on thrift store T-shirts previously bought at Grand Canyon souvenir shops and western discount boutiques. Maybe you just aren’t quite ironic enough to sport the oversized, tie dyed and out of style animal tees, but who’s to say you might now want some growl power another way?

This Fashionista was spotted roaming around Little Italy in her tiger-faced leotard and sky-high wedges looking ferocious. When it comes to leotards, be sure to cover up the bottom half. It’s easy to look trampy with a curve hugging, barely there body suit. This Fashionista balanced the look perfectly by coupling her statement making suit with pair of mid-rise black shorts. Her black wedge sandals add just the right amount of height to this Fashionista’s petite stature. With such a daring print, she needed to be noticed. As for accessories, minimal is preferable. Don’t make rows of bangles and baubles compete with your predatory leotard, stick to a collar or geode necklace like this Fashionista.

For a similar look try this wolf leotard from Dress it up with a flowing maxi skirt and heeled sandals or dress it down like this Fashionista with high-waisted shorts and gladiator sandals.

Whether you’re out in the wilderness trying to blend in with the predators of the forest or tromping in heels through a concrete jungle, an animal faced T-shirt or leotard is the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe lacking that predatory flair.

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