We all love the summer season because it means pool parties, beach volleyball and shining sun. Unfortunately, bad always comes with the good. In this case, it is the unanimous question of, “How do I stay cool in this heat?” The Nike shorts and T-shirt combination always seems to be pop into mind first. However, the ever-so-popular maxi dress is a much more chic and stylish alternative.

This Fashionista looked fabulous in her bright multicolored dress. With the days growing hotter and hotter, it is best to dress minimally. The bold, vibrant pattern allows this Fashionista to keep it simple, yet still manage to achieve a polished look.

Given that the design is so bold, this Fashionista doesn’t need any bulky accessories. This is the perfect way to avoid that awful, sticky feeling due to the humidity. Instead of piling on excessive bangles and heavy necklaces, she chose a simple, silver Pandora charm bracelet and a pink watch. She spiced it up with matching mint green nails, and finished off her look with black flip flops and a sock bun.

The maxi trend is a hot commodity this season, so make sure you have one in your wardrobe. Forever 21 has college-budget-friendly options, such as this turquoise strapless tribal maxi. If you’re willing to splurge, try this one from J.Crew red and black. If you grab your comfiest sandals and tie up your hair, not even the heat will stop you this summer!


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