STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Defeat that Summer Heat

As we settled into the rhythm and routine of mid-summer this past week, everyone seemed prepared for the July heat that was bound to hit at any moment. Sundresses, wedges and many pairs of sunglasses were itching to be modeled in the fantastic summer weather. However, I don’t think anyone was quite prepared for the humid, heavy heat wave that hit and dampened our fashion plans for the week! As I struggled to keep stylish in this massive cloud of humidity, I found relief in a few items of clothing absolutely necessary for this summer season, many of which are illustrated by this week’s Fashionista.

The first item of clothing that is essential to the summer wardrobe is, of course, the maxi dress. Coming in so many patterns and styles, it’s impossible to feel anything but light and breezy in a maxi dress, like this week’s Fashionista’s subtly striped one. They are perfect for transitioning into night for a dressier occasion by simply changing your footwear from a daytime flip flop to a platform sandal, like this chunky pair from ASOS. Another important piece of clothing for this time of year is the crop top. I love them paired with a high-waisted maxi skirt or high-waisted shorts to emphasize and create a classic figure. Try a strapless or tank crop top, or perhaps an off the shoulder piece in a bright, summery mint.

However if you decide to rock your look this summer season, keep these essential pieces in mind: the maxi dress, platform sandal, high-waisted shorts and crop top. You can’t go wrong with these cool and flattering items and you’ll stylishly defeat that summer heat!

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