“It’s all in the details” – the infamous words that go for just about anything in life. Even when getting dressed, details matter.

When I saw this Fashionista, my eyes were immediately drawn to the many details that 100 percent complete her look.

First things first, I cannot get enough of this Fashionista’s floral print dress. What makes this dress so unique are the small accents of color and texture. From the spots of plum on each flower to the crocheted trim on the chest and ruffled hemline, what’s not to love about this Fashionista’s modern meets boho look?

As if the delicate crocheted trim isn’t adorable enough, she adds a matching vest on top. Even though there is a lot going on with this Fashionista’s outfit, she manages to keep it fluent with delicate details that don’t overwhelm her.

This Fashionista completed her look with adorable chocolate brown accessories – a great balance and contrast to pair with the large amount of light grey and cream she is wearing. Her floral print, cocoa colored clutch is a great mix-match detail that keeps the personality of her outfit flowing. And we can’t forget about those statement Dita glasses. They bring in a modern vibe to her vintage- ensemble and her outfit wouldn’t be the same without them.

Take notes from this Fashionista! The details definitely didn’t pass by her. Even though we don’t always appreciate the little things, even in an outfit, nothing would be complete without them. This outfit flows beautifully in the wind and is comfortable for any occasion – try it at a festival or while shopping at an outdoor market.


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