Random street style is the best when coming across fashionable couples. I love when I come across couples that are showing off their style together. When I ran across this couple, I immediately thought of the cute couples I see on Instagram.

The one thing I like most about their outfit was how they had on All-black ensemble. Both were sporting trendy caps and stylish sneakers. I am always a fan of All-black especially when you can add great accessories to complete the look. Whether you are adding neon or a basic color, black will always be perfect to go along with any look. Also, you can literally wear black any season and it’s still okay. Black represents a chill lifestyle to me when I see younger people wear it.

I love how the Fashionisto represented his style by wearing a T-shirt with an artist he listens to. The T-shirt stood out to me and made the look very modern and upbeat. The Fashionisto’s outfit remained simple and low-key, while the graphic T-shirt with the artist made the look stand out. The Fashionista’s outfit was straight to the point and very classic with her Vans. I love how she paired her All-black T-shirt with pants instead of jeans. The pants gave the look a classic touch. Overall this was a fly couple with undeniable style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love trends and I love when they are done the right way. I love black on black when it comes down to fashion. I like to dress black up with accessories, heels and great lipstick.

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