The greatest paradox that college students face each year may just be the summer semester. On one hand, I’ve never heard anyone complain about running around Gainesville for two months, but on the other, having an Instagram feed bombarded with beach pictures makes me unquestionably envious of those not landlocked.

I, without a doubt, attribute my lack of focus on my summer school load to daydreams of beach getaways – well, One Direction thoughts keep me distracted quite often, too. Living in the South Florida area and being endlessly enclosed by miles of beaches, I would be lying if I said that my inner 15-year-old surfer chick didn’t make an appearance every summer. Understandably, I’m always amazed when I can spot a Fashionista rocking a beach-ready look without looking like a walking Roxy billboard.

This Fashionista masters that exactly. Showing off her beachy favorites on campus, this Fashionista also incorporated some school spirit into her look with a subtle orange and blue print. Those heading to campus instead of the coast this summer should follow her lead and swap out bikinis for breezy cropped tops that exemplify So-Flo style.

While many would deny dubbing an outfit beach ready in the absence of a bathing suit, this Fashionista proves them wrong. The key to her girly beach vibe: delicate accents that blend subtle hints of surf-inspired brands with girly details.

While thin tank tops and cut-offs can easily define summer style, this Fashionista customized the staple uniform with a touch of her own flair. Pairing her dainty and detailed top with white denim bottoms, this Fashionista is the epitome of beach-ready. Giving her look a street-wear edge, she paired her effortless outfit with rugged, strappy sandals – made only in Key West, nonetheless. Check out this similar option and showcase your cutest polish colors on your sand-free toes!

As any warm weather gal knows, a shore-bound outfit isn’t complete without sunnies. Opting for a retro-chic shape, this Fashionista channeled her inner art deco self, adding an ageless appeal to her anything-but beach bum ensemble. Take note from this Fashionista and keep accessories at a minimum for a classic, carefree look.

And for the Fashionistas who crave late afternoon pool gatherings in the warm Gainesville humidity? (Hey, they don’t call it the swamp for nothing!) Slipping on a bathing suit underneath a shirt takes any look from class-bound to pool-ready, while simultaneously amplifying the outfit’s summery look.

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