It is all about making a statement this summer. Whether it is statement jewelry, bold colors or unique shoes, they all are the must do trend this summer. However, the one statement that I love seeing everywhere I go is bold and rare prints. This summer, prints are taking over every piece of clothing. You can find printed pants, shirts and skirts in any store you walk into! Many Fashionistas are even pairing different prints together in one outfit to make a real impression. Who would have thought that two completely different prints could make a cohesive outfit? Whether you are rocking one, two or even three prints this summer, you are making the right decision.

This Fashionista immediately caught my eye because of her boldly printed frock. A dress with large butterflies could go wrong, but this frock pulled it off perfectly. The mix of the orange and blue gave the butterfly print a unique and mature feel. Butterflies could easily be too young and youthful, but this frock was perfect. This frock was also the perfect style and cut. Frocks can sometimes be very boxy and unflattering. However, this frock was perfect because it had a small skirt that gave the dress a shape. It also is perfect for the cool summer nights because it had a three quarters length sleeve. Frocks are a perfect option this summer because they are easy to throw on for all of those graduation parties and dinner parties at night. If you can find a dress with a bold print it will be the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

This Fashionista then paired a very stylish blue handbag with an adorable scarf tied around the handle. The bold blue purse was the perfect option to go with the daring frock she was wearing. The printed scarf tied onto the purse was the perfect touch to the outfit and gave it that special flare. She kept her accessories very simple and just added a pair of adorable pearl earrings. All together this outfit was perfection. It was unique and definitely made this Fashionista stand out! The print and the colors were the perfect combo for a summer night outing.

This summer try to mix it up. Instead of throwing on a typical dress, find an adorable frock to sport. If you can find a frock with a print that would be the best-case scenario, however, if you can only find a bold colored frock then pair it with a printed scarf or a bold necklace. A frock will give you a more mature and unique look compared to just a typical dress. Altogether, if you find a way to incorporate prints into your wardrobe you will be a true Fashionista this summer. I am sure you will get millions of compliments if you rock a frock!

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