What makes a Fashionista/o successful in their fashion choices is if they have fun with it and create an overall look that can express facets of his or her personality. Fashion is always about expressing oneself and if you can’t have fun with it, why bother? I love seeing Fashionista’s like this one around campus because they have fun with their look while piecing together trending items.

I have found myself combining tights and shorts all fall so this Fashionista’s look caught my eye when she put her own spin on the combination. Instead of the usual black tights, this Fashionista opted for a more fun alternative: dots! Printed tights have made their way back into fall must-have lists and can always add something interesting to an outfit that would otherwise be average. These dotted tights are great because they aren’t too crazy and distracting, but also add a little something extra to the look. To add to her outfit, she threw on a pair of Converse and a neon knit for an extra pop of color.

To get this Fashionista’s fun look, first try a classic knit pullover sweater like this one from Topshop. You will get all the color you need from just this piece! For a pair of tights like this Fashionista’s, these ones from Gap are perfect and will keep you warm. Over the dotted tights, try these denim shorts from NASTY GAL. With these three easy pieces you can have this great look without anything too complicated. To finish off the look, throw on your favorite pair of boots or Converse.

The one piece of advice I always like to give is to have fun with fashion because it is not made to be taken too seriously! It is all about feeling inspired to create a unique outfit for one’s personality. So look around you for style inspiration, it can often times come from the most unexpected places.

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