STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fashion’s Neverland

Who says you have to grow up? Peter Pan was fully convinced that he would never have to grow up and that he could live his life as a mischievous child forever and you can too! Well, besides the mischievous part, you can still have fun with your sense of style. This Fashionista exemplifies that perfectly from her rightly named Peter Pan collared blouse to her fun lace denim shorts and finally to her floral Keds sneakers. There’s no mistaking it that this Fashionista sure knows how to keep her outfits current by sporting trendy items, but she is also able to keep her  fun sense of style alive. This is one major point that no Fashionista/o should ever forget: never (see what I did there?) allow a current trend ruin your personal style, but instead enhance it.  To remember this, always think of Peter Pan’s Neverland or Fashion’s Neverland in this case.

This Fashionista’s ensemble is compiled of many stylish pieces that I’m jumping for joy to dissect for you. Hmm where to start, well this Peter Pan collared blouse is very versatile and can be a key piece for anyone. It adds a bit of surprise to any outfit, but by choosing a vibrant color option it knocks two stylish birds with one stone. What’s special about this blouse is that it has more than one surprise since it also has an open back, which is perfect for a breezy summer day. However the Peter Pan collar comes in many other types of blouses as well, such as this classy one from Forever 21. A fun and flirty blouse should be the focal point of the outfit. This Fashionista has the right idea by pairing it with   a pair of denim shorts with a tease of lace and a pair of simple floral sneakers.

These shorts here can have the ability to stand out, but they are also a perfect complementary element as well. They have just enough detail to be able to do either type of outfit. If you do decide to let your shorts shine, you can match it with a simple neutral toned top, such as this one from Loft. But if you want to follow this Fashionista’s lead you can find a similar pair of shorts at Nordstrom. Now last, but surely not least is this Fashionista’s pair of floral sneakers, which is the icing on the cake. The floral print not only echoes the lace pattern of the shorts, but also carries the hue of the blouse throughout the entire outfit so everything flows from head to toe. Not only are the sneakers the glue for this outfit, they are also oh-so comfortable and you can find many summery pairs at Keds. The main lesson you can learn from this Fashionista is to never lose your own sense of style to current trends, but instead fuse the two together, add a splash of fun and you’ll have the total package!


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