Temperatures are rising as sun rays beam down on Fashionistas everywhere this summer! The heat may become unbearable, but it’s only right for a true Fashionista to be prepared. Some of the best ensembles by Fashionistas are in the summertime! Summer 2013 is all about taking chances and that’s exactly what Fashionistas are doing. Fashionistas, I advise you to take your summer attire to the next level. What better way is there to do so than topping off your look with a hat? Hats will reduce the sunshine from striking the top of your head all the while you looking trendy.

I found a Fashionista on a very sunny afternoon that knew exactly how to conquer the scorching sun rays. She pairs a hat along with her lovely ensemble to protect her from the sunny skies. She sports a floral top and denim shorts with a timeless gray fedora. This Fashionista made her ensemble a look of her own. You can do the same with any hat of your choice. No matter the style of hat, whether it’s a cap or fedora, all Fashionistas should adopt this look. Hats are perfect for remaining Fashionable while keeping the sun out of your face.

The hat of your choice can be found at any of your favorite shops including Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. A hat can take your summer wardrobe a long way. Nothing is better than topping off a great summer look than with the perfect hat. So, no matter your preference in head wear, don’t forget to top your summer look off with a hat of your choice!

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