I have never been much of an accessories fan, but I have recently fallen in love with statement necklaces. Bubble necklaces in particular are trending and have been seen more and more in the fashion world. This Fashionista stuck out to me because of her pearly white bubble necklace. I love the way she wore it against her royal blue dress because it made the accessory stand out even more. Since her necklace is so bold, she kept the rest of her accessories simple with a few pearl bracelets and a pair of silver sandals.

This Fashionista got her bubble necklace off Etsy. She mentioned that they have a ton of styles and colors, so there is a wide selection to choose from. You can also find these necklaces at Target or J.Crew.

Bubble necklaces are perfect for dressing up an outfit because they are so bold and make a huge statement. You could easily dress up a pair of jeans and a simple oversized top by putting on a bubble necklace. This Fashionista went for a dressier look, which is the perfect outfit for class presentations or if you are planning to go out for dinner. Since royal blue is a huge fashion color this year, I would recommend wearing a simple dress in this color. Create some visual contrast with a different colored bubble necklace, like what this Fashionista did. This accessory is a great way to add some color blocking to your outfit and reflect your summer style.

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