The power of the flower print has been undeniable for generations. As someone who has always shied away from florals, I can’t seem to escape them this summer season. Fashionistas everywhere are taking the classic print and making it unique in their own ways. From shorts to rompers, the colorful¬†palette¬†is perfect for summer. Florals have been reinvented and become a staple this season. Vintage inspired looks with a modern edge make this old school fabric surprisingly youthful.

As this week’s featured Fashionista headed to her summer classes she instantly grabbed my attention with her floral printed flowing skirt. Her playful take on this normally feminine print made her stand out. The print, full of blues, purples and pinks, was perfect for the summer weather. She paired the skirt with a white cropped lace tank top to show some skin and add some edge. Completing the look, she adds standout beaded sandals which match the colors of the floral skirt perfectly.

The exciting thing about floral prints is that they can really be paired with almost anything. Emulate this week’s Fashionista and keep it girly yet daring by showing a little more of that tan summer skin. If you’re like me, this look may be a bit too feminine for you, but don’t shy away from florals! Take this Douglas Hannant look for example. A black and white pattern can easily add a grunge aspect to the usually feminine print.

Whether you’re keeping it girly or breaking new molds, try out a floral this summer. It’s the perfect time for all different colors palettes and patterns. So do yourself a favor and take note from this week’s Fashionista so you can look fabulous in flowers too!


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