Finding a routine and sticking to it is essential during these last few weeks of school. It will keep us focused, grounded and also help find time for all the things we need to do inside and outside our packed school schedule.

Athletic wear has been an evolving trend for some time now, as these sporty-inspired looks on the runway have brought this trend beyond the gym door. On any typical day, workout wear on campus tends to be the norm. As this Fashionista properly shows, athletic wear can be an easy day look that carries you out of the gym and into the classroom.

This Fashionista was found wearing a brightly colored ensemble. Her royal blue Nike spandex shorts are perfect for the gym and comfortable enough to ease back into a school schedule post workout. She pairs her shorts with an orchid T-shirt that is light enough to keep you cool.

Having a busy schedule has its ups and downs. One down is not having enough time to keep changing outfits throughout the day. This Fashionista is wearing a fun and graphic Victoria’s Secret PINK zip-up jacket over her outfit. Having a jacket on hand is the perfect addition to your workout look, especially if you plan to stay in those clothes for a bit longer.

If you’re anything like me, I hope to find the time everyday for some sort of exercise. After all, “exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy,” no one can deny the wise words of Elle Woods. Find your routine and finish the semester strong academically, phsycially and mentally!

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