During the winter months at Syracuse, black seems to be everyone’s color of choice. As you can guess, life gets incredibly gloomy when the only color you see from day to day is black. When the state of the world literally gets dark, my favorite thing to do is to throw on a plaid flannel.

In my opinion, nothing brightens up an outfit and a day like a colored flannel. Whether it is trendy with studs or straight from the wardrobe of a farmer, flannels are an easy way to add some color to a winter outfit while also staying warm. Amid the sea of black coats and boots, I immediately spotted this Fashionista on a frigid day. She was rocking a bright boyfriend-esque red and black plaid flannel.

This Fashionista’s outfit epitomizes winter relaxed chic. Wearing a flannel is a better alternative to a sweatshirt; flannels keep you warm while looking very put together. You can’t say the same about your favorite oversized hoodie.

When pairing a flannel with jeans and boots, it is hard to find a happy medium between country farmer and average woman. However, this Fashionista rocked the look perfectly. The best part about this Fashionista’s look is that it is easy to emulate. Sick of your daily uniform of jeans and a T-shirt? Throw a flannel over your T-shirt and just like that, your outfit is totally revamped for the better.

In addition, this Fashionista’s gold rings and gold  watch add another level of crisp chicness to her outfit. Overall, this Fashionista is perfectly accessorized and looks like she is straight out of a Pinterest post.

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