STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Frills and Thrills

The term “statement piece” gets thrown around a lot these days. The implication seems to be that if you’re wearing something loud, you should let it do the talking and keep the rest of your look muted. But sometimes outfits can work like conversations. The components of this Fashionista’s pink and black look speak to one another in a way that is interesting and unexpected. This outfit makes multiple statements that correspond with one another and even compete a little. The fashion world may disagree with me on this, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

The base of this Fashionista’s look is simple when you break it down. Her layering of a pink sleeveless tunic over black leggings couldn’t be easier, but the atypical proportions make this visually intriguing. The single ruffle and sheer polka-dot panel on this Fashionista’s top add texture and feminine charm. To get a look similar to hers, opt for a long top with interesting textural details like this embroidered floral shirt from Glassworks Studios or this dotted mesh number from ModCloth. Add long leggings for a sleek look or bike shorts for a more playful vibe.

What makes this Fashionista’s look truly special, though, are her wonderfully outlandish accessories. It is impossible to miss her spiky black and pink backpack, which reminds me of a mysterious sea creature. Buy yourself a similar one fromĀ MadPax, which makes prickly gear in all shapes and sizes, or go the more punk rock route with this black leather killer from eBay. You wouldn’t expect it, but this Fashionista’s pink ballet flats with oversized leopard print bows are perfect with her zany pouch. The shoes’ daintiness sweeten up the sort of violent flavor of the bag, and their shared splash of shocking pink unites them. Some might consider the clashing of the accessories’ bright pink with the shirt’s more subdued hue an oversight, but I actually think it adds to the look. The variety of the tones gives it some dimension and reminds me of Andie Walsh fromĀ Pretty in Pink.

Next time you test drive a bold accessory, don’t feel pressured to dress in head-to-toe basics. Instead, wear it with items that enhance it, subvert it or even overpower it. Then, let your multifaceted getup speak for itself.

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