STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: From Barre Class To Street Sass

If I’ve learned anything from my time being in New York City, I’ve learned that every person not from here, is here for a reason. Every singly person I’ve met has something to offer; a talent, a passion, a personality trait. People don’t move to NYC to hang out. The way people dress here often personifies this passion for living. You can see it in every pair of distressed acid washed jeans, worn-in Converses or a dress with a print so loud Brooklyn notices.

This Fashionista is no exception. I spotted her on her way home from a ballet class and come to find out she’s in school, working and a dancer on the side. With that kind of schedule, there’s no time for a stage worthy quick change before heading home. She shows that a walk from her ballet class back home can be a chance to rock a crop top and short skirt and show off the hard work she’s put into her passion.

It isn’t news that crop tops are sweeping street corners and runways alike, so why not wear one that functions as a workout top and a cute addition to your high-waisted skirts? Add a couple bright accessories like this Fashionista and your look transforms from barre class to street sass. A pinned up up-do is a great way to keep your hair out of your face during workouts and keep it from looking greasy post-class.

Bring a scarf and maybe a few bangles to make your workout wear more daytime appropriate. Use the scarf to tie around your waist for a little bit of Bohemian flair or wrap it around your shoulders, should you get chilly from the overworked AC. The bangles will help to make your outfit look intentional rather than accidental. Although, sometimes fashion accidents turn into the best street style ensembles.

Whatever your passion, hobby or talent may be; don’t let formalities get in the way. There’s no reason you can’t rock workout wear to and from class. There’s no telling what or who you might run into in NYC.

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